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HOW TO SHRINK LARGE PORES - Large pores will leave you open to skincare woes like breakouts and premature ageing. Despite keeping an upstanding skincare regimen of daily cleansing and twice-a-week exfoliation, if your pores aren’t getting any smaller, you need to add few more things to your skincare routine:

WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY – Over time, UV damage breaks down the elasticity within our skin. With the walls of the pores being less elastic, they loosen and therefore enlarge. To prevent this, wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen that defends against UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays is essential. SPF is an integral part to firm and healthy-looking skin, so don’t stop until you find one you love and wear it everyday.

EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE Exfoliation is another solution for unclogging pores. Mild scrubbing if done on a regular basis will make the pores shrink. You can use any mild homemade scrub. The process of removing dead skin cells regularly, that get clogged in our pores will prevent the pores from getting stretched out.

COMBAT OILY SKIN WITH OILS – Those with oily or combination skin are more prone to enlarged pores. The more active the oil flow on skin, the wider or larger the pore opening needs to be to release oil into the skin’s surface. To regulate oily skin, fight oil with oil by doing oil-cleansing atleast twice or thrice every week. In reaction, your skin will stop producing more oil because it realises it doesn’t need to. You can make oil-cleanser at home only or buy an effective cleansing oil of any good and known brand. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil is a good choice.

APPLY ICE-CUBES - To shrink pores, this is a very easy process. You will need to place the ice cubes on your face for a few seconds along the pores. This will tighten the skin. This method can be used anytime to get the right base for a perfect makeup to minimise visibility of large pores.

QUICK-FIX TIGHTENING TREATMENTS - For immediate results there are also quick-fix treatments available.These temporary measures work by constricting the size of the pore. Treatments like galvanic or micro current procedures and peels that use astringents to tighten skin in the short term will work.